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Case Study 

Field Service Engineer


The Search 

Renew Consultancy was appointed to rebuild a team of Field Service Engineers for critical sites within a growing business.

The client faced a severe recruitment headache, a previous wrong hire resulted in two resignations, with the company losing two Engineers within a small geographical region.

Recognizing the need for a specialized approach aligned with their sector and requirements, they turned to us for assistance.

Key Candidate Attributes

  • Ability to work autonomously and within a team.
  • Certified qualification (ideal) and experience in relevant engine manufacturers i.e. Jenbacher/MTU/MWM.
  • Relevant industry experience, preferably landfill gas peaking plants.
  • Qualifications and/or demonstrated competency in the mechanical area of reciprocating engines and power generation plant.
  • Sound engineering experience and demonstrated competency in the commissioning, servicing, and repairing of reciprocating engines and power generation plant.
  • Ability to impart knowledge to others within the group and Company.
  • Reasonable written and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to perform and contribute constructively in a dynamic team environment.
  • Ability to work under competitive timelines and project schedules.
  • Dedicated to the achievement of excellent working standards
  • Ability to travel to other locations and help other teams within the Company.
  • A good sense of humour!

The Challenge

Finding two experienced Field Service Engineers within a small geographical area, with the correct exposure in gas-powered energy generation sites, from LFG to STOR. They would need to be confident and capable when tackling diverse technical challenges like gas engine troubleshooting, fault-finding, and problem resolution.

The incumbents must have the personal attributes to thrive in a small team of dedicated Engineers and have the right electrical skills to proactively maintain the gas portfolio, which includes MWM, MTU, Siemens, Jenbacher, Caterpillar and Perkins engines.

Our Solution

Renew Consultancy responded by appointing our expert research team to the market to map and identify Field Service Engineers, Operations Engineers, Gas Engine Maintenance Technicians, and Field Service Technicians across the agreed geographical location with specific electrical and mechanical experience in maintaining reciprocating gas engines within the Power Generation Industry.

We created a list of target companies and brought together a targeted list of potential candidates for the client.

We worked with the client to present them as an employer of choice in a candidate-led market and enticed the candidates to express their interest in the opportunity.


Client Testimony

Identifying the candidate

Renew Consultancy’s rigorous search methodology identified a total of 201 candidates across the industry. Our tried and tested screening process resulted in a shortlist of 7 candidates for our client to interview.

The Successful Candidates

Team Member One: 

Team member one was able to explain AVRs and Gas Mixers in detail, as well as HV & LV. They are able to troubleshoot and resolve issues on-site while working to ensure the safe operation of the sites at all times.

Currently, at a competitor’s business, they are responsible for resolving ignition problems, control system problems, faults on cards, non-start issues investigation, and troubleshooting on Jenbacher gas engines. They are used to working on-call and immersing themselves in resolving the challenges that come with it.

Team member one is a champion of H&S and is keen to take more ownership at an operational level.

They have serviced and maintained Jenbacher and Cummins engines from 330 KW to 3MW. This includes but is not limited to engine rebuilds of piston heads, and liners, full overhaul, resolving gas mixture faults, misfires, and tuning issues.

Electrically, they are competent in resolving sensor issues, fault finding on wiring diagrams, and electrical troubleshooting on numerous control panels.

Team Member Two:

They are honest & energetic, eager to learn and develop. Throughout their career, they have shown a passion for engine troubleshooting.

Their skills include but are not limited to engine troubleshooting, fault finding, overhaul, and general maintenance. Working at a competitor business, they gained knowledge of MWM engines, including but not limited to reactive service, successfully troubleshooting faults, and key service tasks

Gas safety trained and registered, TEMS training controller and gas awareness trained.

This candidate shone during the technical and behavioural assessment providing detailed answers to all questions.

About Renew Consultancy

Renew Consultancy is recognised as a key partner for executive hiring for owner/operators, service providers, and specialists in on-site Energy Generation.

Through behavioural and technical assessment, we identify professionals for career-defining opportunities by analysing their attributes and potential through a situational lens. With significant experience across the Power Generation industry, our team brings expertise in executive search, market intelligence and career advisory services.