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Refer a friend

Know someone that is interested in new opportunities? Qualify for a £300 Gift!

Do you know someone who is looking for their next role or challenge? Or maybe you’ve seen a vacancy that one of your friends would be perfect for.

If your colleagues, friends or peers are looking then they will want to speak with us. Refer them over and we will award you with a gift worth £300 for every successful placement.

We support career development in multiple ways, and everyone is a winner!


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By submitting the details of a Referred Candidate to Renew Consultancy you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Renew Recruitment Consultancy Limited is sponsoring this Referral Scheme.


“Referrer” shall mean the person who refers a candidate for a temporary or permanent role

“Referred Candidate” shall mean the person who has been referred by a Referrer

“Referral Scheme” shall mean the “who do you know” scheme

“Renew Consultancy” shall mean Renew Recruitment Consultancy Limited, its affiliates or subsidiaries

Who can enter:

The Referral Scheme is open to any person who is:

a) aged 18 and over.

b) resident in the United Kingdom

Before you enter:

The Referrer confirms that prior to submitting contact details of the Referred Candidate to Renew Consultancy the Referrer has obtained the consent of the Referred Candidate for Renew Consultancy to a) contact the Referred Candidate and b) retain their details for the purposes of providing work-finding services for them.

Eligibility criteria:

The Referred Candidate is placed in one of Renew Consultancy’s operating companies that is participating in this Referral Scheme.

All Referred Candidates will be required to meet various suitability criteria, these will vary depending on the nature of the work that is being applied for and various other criteria including but not limited to meeting the right to work requirements of the country that the Referred Candidate will be working in. If the Referred Candidate is unable to meet these criteria Renew Consultancy may not be able to find the Referred Candidate work. Please note that Renew Consultancy’s decision on this shall be final.

Provided Renew Consultancy successfully places the Referred Candidate in a role with a Participating Renew Consultancy Company, as a result of the referral by the Referrer within 6 months of the referral being made, and the Referred Candidate remains in the role for a minimum of 12 weeks or their probationary period, whichever is greater, and all other criteria are met you will be eligible for the reward, please see section below.

A Referred Candidate must not already be an active potential or actual candidate with Renew Consultancy; this includes candidates who have been entered on the Renew Consultancy Group Candidate Database on or after 20 April 2016.

In the event of the same Referral being introduced by two or more people, the person who introduced the Referral first in time shall be entitled to the vouchers.


Renew Consultancy will use all reasonable endeavours to supply the reward within 28 days of the Referred Candidate meeting the criteria within these Terms and Conditions.

You will be sent a copy of the terms and conditions that apply in relation to the reward. Please read these carefully. Renew Consultancy does not take any responsibility for any breach of the terms and conditions relating to the reward.

Renew Consultancy reserves the right to substitute the reward for another prize of equal or greater value in the event that it is not reasonably practical to supply the same reward.

If the Referred Candidate is placed in an operating company the Referrer will be eligible to receive a gift worth up to £300.

Term and Termination:

Renew Consultancy may terminate this Referral Scheme at any time or amend these Terms and Conditions by providing reasonable notice on the Renew Consultancy website.


The Renew Consultancy Who Do You Know scheme and the Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties. In the event of conflict between the marketing material for the Who do you know scheme and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

This Referral Scheme shall replace any previous referral schemes that have been promoted by Renew Consultancy; these schemes may have been promoted using names such as refer a friend or refer a teacher. Notwithstanding the above any previous schemes may be honoured at Renew Consultancy’s sole discretion.

Whilst Renew Consultancy endeavours to ensure the functionality of its website, the internet is not free from errors or defects and accordingly proof of submitting the Referral’s details will not be accepted as proof of their receipt by Renew Consultancy.

There is no cash alternative in whole or in part.

The decision of Renew Consultancy is final in all matters relating to this Referral Scheme and any previous schemes.