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Diesel Generator Technician

Diesel Generator Technician

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🔧 Calling all Engine Mechanics! 🔧

Do you love solving mechanical engine puzzles? 

Are you curious about expanding your career into industrial engines?  

If you have a knack for engines and want to become a superhero of the diesel generator world, we have an exciting opportunity just for you!

Imagine yourself as a detective for engines! As a Diesel Generator Technician, you’ll be responsible for giving diesel engines a new lease of life. You’ll dive deep into the heart of the engine, diagnosing major maintenance problems, and fixing them with your super-skills.

💰What’s on offer? 💰

  • £25,000 – £36,000
  • Overtime at x1.5 base rate 
  • Ad-hoc Bonus payments
  • 20 days + Bank Holidays
  • Company contributory pension
  • PPE provided
  • Friendly team and great working environment
  • Additional  company benefits

💪 What skills will you learn? 💪

🔩 Engine Anatomy: Discover the secret inner workings of diesel engines. From pistons to crankshafts, you’ll become a master of mechanical wizardry.

🔧 Problem-Solving: Put on your detective hat and solve engine mysteries. Every engine has its quirks, and it’s up to you to figure out how to make them roar back to life.

🧪 Engineering Magic: Unleash your creativity to find innovative solutions to engine challenges. Your ideas could revolutionize the world of diesel power!

🔌 Teamwork: Work together with a squad of talented engineers, sharing knowledge and making engines sing in harmony. Collaboration makes the magic happen!

🎉 Join the Diesel Generator Technician league! 🎉

When you’re ready, our doors are open wide to welcome you into the world of diesel engines. 

Your future as a Diesel Generator Technician awaits, filled with exciting challenges and the satisfaction of making engines purr again!

Are you ready to ignite your passion for engines? Put on your overalls, grab your tools, and get ready for an exhilarating journey!

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Newcastle upon Tyne
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